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Twisted Tree Pottery  
Kate Colclaser creates decorative and functional pottery and small sculptures in her studio in the North Carolina mountains. Her pieces are hand built from slabs with extruded and thrown elements. Each piece is unique with the texture and decoration applied that best suits the shape of the piece. Colors are achieved through multiple layers of stain, oxide and glaze. All functional work is high fired stoneware and is microwave and dishwasher safe.. Some sculptural work is done in porcelain to achieve the fine detail and color desired. Colors, shapes and textures generally come from elements in nature—sometimes as obvious as the leaves imprinted on the pieces, but often drawn from a texture or color picked from a close-up view of a natural element--whether it is the fine lines of a veined leaf, crystals on a cave wall or colors from a hot spring.  
Kate has apprenticed with a blind potter from Pennsylvania where she grew up and has studied at the Penland and School of Craft and at Arrowmont . More of her work can be found on twistedtreepottery.blogspot.com

Kate Colclaser of 
Twisted Tree Pottery